Source code for dowhy.interpreter

import logging

import dowhy.causal_estimator
import dowhy.causal_model
import dowhy.causal_refuter

[docs]class Interpreter: """Base class for all interpretation methods.""" # Can use these lists to specify the models/estimators/refuters that a particular interpreter supports. Throw a ValueError if the user provides an incompatible object to intepret. SUPPORTED_MODELS = [] SUPPORTED_ESTIMATORS = [] SUPPORTED_REFUTERS = [] def __init__(self, instance, **kwargs): """Initialize an interpreter. :param instance: An object of type CausalModel, CausalEstimate or CausalRefutation. """ self.model = None self.estimate = None self.refutation = None if isinstance(instance, dowhy.causal_model.CausalModel): self.model = instance elif isinstance(instance, dowhy.causal_estimator.CausalEstimate): self.estimate = instance elif isinstance(instance, dowhy.causal_refuter.CausalRefutation): self.refutation = instance else: self.logger.error("Type of object passed not supported for interpretation.") # Unpacking the keyword arguments if kwargs is not None: for key, value in kwargs.items(): setattr(self, key, value) self.logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
[docs] def interpret(self): """Method that implements the functionality of an interpreter. To be overridden by interpreter sub-classes. """ raise NotImplementedError