Source code for dodiscover.constraint.config

from enum import Enum, EnumMeta

class MetaEnum(EnumMeta):
    """Meta class to enable easy checks for Enums."""

    def __contains__(cls, item):
        """Allows 'contain' checks.

        Example: ``is 'method' in EnumClass``.
        except ValueError:
            return False
        return True

[docs]class ConditioningSetSelection(Enum, metaclass=MetaEnum): """Available methods for selecting the conditioning sets when learning a skeleton. Given a pair of nodes in a graph, (X, Y), this enumeration selects a strategy for choosing conditioning sets to be checked for conditional independence. Notes ----- Allows 'contains' checks because of the metaclass. For example, one can run ``"complete" in ConditioningSetSelection``, which would return `True`. """ COMPLETE = "complete" """Considers all possible combinations of nodes in the graph that are not (X,Y). """ NBRS = "neighbors" """Considers all current neighbors of (X,Y) in the graph. """ NBRS_PATH = "neighbors_path" """Considers all neighbors of (X,Y) in the graph that are on a simple path between the two nodes. """ PDS = "pds" """Considers all potentially d-separating sets for (X,Y) in the graph. This requires some initial collider information in the graph. """ PDS_PATH = "pds_path" """Considers all PDS sets for (X,Y) in the graph that lie on a path between the two nodes. """