PyWhy Causality in Practice

PyWhy Causality in Practice is a new talk series focusing on causality and machine learning, especially from a practical perspective. We'll have tutorials and presentations about PyWhy libraries but also talks by external speakers working on causal inference.

LLMs for causal inference

Emre Kiciman, Senior Principal Researcher at Microsoft, talks about pywhy-llm, a new experimental library that focuses on using large language models for causality.

EconML library and what's new in v0.15

EconML is a Python package that implements several cutting-edge causal inference estimators on top of flexible machine learning methods. In this talk, Keith Battocchi, software engineer at Microsoft Research New England and lead developer for EconML, presents a brief overview of EconML followed by a closer look at several big new features in EconML 0.15.